About The Girl with the Box

Jacqueline Newell


Everyone is trying to think outside of the box but do you ever stop and wonder how much can you fit inside that box? I plan to.

Who is the girl with the box?

  • Fulbright Fellow [Mendoza, Argentina]
  • College graduate [Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pa.]
  • B.A. in International Studies and Spanish with a minor in Religious Studies [Yo hablo español!]
  • Traveling Leadership Consult for Sigma Kappa Sorority [Modern day Carmen San Diego]
  • World traveler [2 of the 4 WAGGGS world centers, study abroad, internships]
  • Pompadour enthusiast [joy can be found in a teasing comb]
  • Amateur half marathon runner [3 in 2014, 3 planned for 2015]
  • World renowned guesser [The 2011 Super Bowl final score? Nailed it.]
  • Ice hockey fanatic [Boston Bruins]
  • Wing eating queen [Try me.]
  • Girl Scout [Gold Award, holla!]
  • College students call me a hipster.

What is going in the box?

  • My life… literally
  • The curious happenings of a solo trip to South America
  • My running sneakers
  • Reflections of my trips across the country [21 universities in 11 different states]
  • Tid bits that twenty-somethings encounter during their post grad awakening (What do you mean I don’t get a student discount?)




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