Cementerio de la Recoleta

Photos Taken & Written by Jacqueline Newell


Fresh off of a 10+ hour flight from JFK to Buenos Aires, my traveling companions and I made our way through immigration and into a humid day in Argentina. (I say fresh but, we definitely were not.) We met two more Fulbright Fellows before hopping in a bus and making our way to our hotel in Buenos Aires. Upon our arrival, we forgot our need for a nap when we were greeted by our roommates and ventured to find food. The first issues that presented themselves – where to get food and where to get pesos.


After marching down streets with my new posse, we had our first experience with (mediocre) empanadas and dusting off our Spanish. Considering that we all left with food, I would call it a successful journey. At 2pm, we all met in the lobby for a bus tour of the downtown area. However, the comfortable seats, warm sunshine, and lack of sleep made it a real challenge to stay awake as we rambled through the streets of Buenos Aires.


Eva Peron came from a poor background. Hence, the depiction.

Tomb of Maria Eva Duarte de Peron & her family

Tomb of Eva Duarte de Peron & her family

In the last hour of the tour, we arrived in el Cementerio de la Recoleta, a cemetery constructed of very old mausoleums housing some of Argentina oldest and most decorated families. Some have multiple floors underground that contain the caskets of family members. The higher one is, the more prominence they had in the family.  We saw the tomb of Eva Peron, one of the most famous women in Argentine history.

From above, the cemetery looks like a small city with mossy roofs and varying architecture. Every tomb is different and have varying statues and tributes. It is open to the public to look at but it is still an active cemetery today.

Short and sweet for now. Next move, on to Mendoza!








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