Meet Your New Favorite Comedian

Written by Jacqueline Newell

In an age where female comedians are thriving, Iliza Shlesinger is breaking out and making waves. As the only female and youngest winner of Last Comic Standing, she sees the humor behind female culture in the US and let’s us know that “it isn’t make up [she’s wearing], it’s war paint.” With her choreographed hair flips, unfiltered mockery and her ability to be be “ugly-pretty” [Tyra Banks would be so proud], she is shaping up to be the next Penelope or, as non-SNL fans know her, Kristin Wig.

In the clip above, Shlesinger performs on the Jimmy Fallon Show and pokes fun at women in a way that makes women comfortable with laughing at themselves. As someone who is frequently cold, I relate to Shlesinger’s opening about making your body temperature the problem of everyone else. Hence why my sweater collection is so large (I promise I will return them all…. eventually).

In Shlesinger’s special on Netflix titled “War Paint,” she candidly discusses everything from girls’ nights, the difficulty of herding your friends, our eternal obsession with Pinterest and women’s insecurity with eating in front of anyone. It makes me wonder – when did eating [or lack of it] become a competition? I’d say it was probably about the time we all starting pinning our dream bodies onto a board, located right next to our wedding board [single or not].

So, go forth my friends and continue to ask your significant others if it’s cold outside and continue to order flat breads while cutting out gluten without knowing what it is.

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