Portland Socialite: Birthday Edition

Crab Caked, Avocado Eggs Benedict from Sea Glass

Crab Cakes, Avocado Eggs Benedict from Sea Glass

Written by Jacqueline Newell

First of all, let me just say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday last weekend. I’m pretty sure only about 30 people know when my birthday is without the help of a Facebook reminder (as I found out last year when someone changed my birthday to March). Regardless, I am thankful to each and every person who made my day a little happier. After working 7-3 at the Inn, I expected to have a mellow dinner at home because the restaurant we wanted to go to is closed on Mondays. What I had was anything but mellow. With brunch from the Sea Glass and cupcakes from the Cookie Jar, I commenced the foodie birthday.

Central Provisions

Central Provisions

Chris, Chris and I went down to the Maine State Pier to pick up my race bib for the Old Port Half Marathon. Typically, a race expo is filled with runners who are junkies for fresh kicks, Gatorade and weird GU (“goo”) packets. The Old Port Expo, sponsored by Shipyard Brewery, was filled with hipsters and locals who live by the phrase “suns out, guns out.” One group of women caught our eye as their t-shirts read “Jackie’s Hot Mess Express.” Well, seeing as I am Jackie and it was my day, I felt it necessary to meet my express. It turns out another Jackie had just swam the Peaks to Portland race and they were now celebrating the end of her bachelorette days.


Wharf Street

Chili Shrimp Pad Thai

Chili Shrimp Pad Thai

From there, we headed to Central Provisions, a small plate restaurant in downtown that has earned the right to not take reservations. Folks gather in hopes of grabbing a bar stool, having a signature cocktail and taking part in one of Portland’s rising trends – small plate tapas.

Sangria and blueberry cocktails

Sangria and blueberry cocktails

From there, we wandered over to The Armory, the bar at the The Regency, a hotel in downtown Portland. The bar makes guests feel like they’ve just stepped into Disney’s Haunted Mansion with the fake book shelf wall paper lining the walls and signs requesting that gentlemen remove their hats before entering.



From there, we went to The North Point, one of my favorite locations in Portland for dessert. The hostess directed us to Timber, their sister bar that has a more extensive dessert menu. When we arrived, the two hostesses introduced the three of us to Noah and Dan, the owners of both Timber and The North Point. Talk about supporting local! The three of us each sampled a different dessert – creme brulee, salted caramel ice cream and, my personal favorite, cheesecake with a blueberry dressing (I strongly suggest runners eat this the night before a race because I killed it the next day at the half marathon!).

Did I mention I love buying local?


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