Truthful Tuesday Part II

Written by Jacqueline Newell

Since my last #truthfultuesday post, I have continued to read more truths from strangers via Twitter. I decided to give my second post a specific theme of sorts – college & carbs.

1. I came in second in a sandwich making contest at Kinfolk with the “Ida Mabel Fuller Provolone” – a tribute to a Sigma Kappa sorority founder and my favorite lunch meat.

2. During college orientation, I was hypnotized. In that time, I won a air guitar contest and an interpretive dance contest and was in a danceoff.

3. A woman in North Carolina once asked if I’ve “got enough carbs” on my plate at brunch. I told her when you’re 23, it doesn’t matter. Not one of my smoother moments but there’s no need to comment on a stranger’s carb in take and make them uncomfortable at brunch. Brunch is a safe place!

4. In high school, I did a Dia de los Muertos (Halloween) project on Paul Newman because I appreciated that all proceeds of his products go to charity and his work in Slapshot is pretty great.

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