Pumpa You Up

Written by Jacqueline Newell

Once upon a time, I took my mom out to dinner and we each had a Blue Moon with dinner. Afterwards, my mom said it tasted like a cheap $2 beer and she didn’t try it again. That is, until we ventured down to Nashville and, by happy coincidence, met the Pumpa family. Their Australian accents and Brian’s passion for the beer had my parents hooked on Blue Moon within hours of meeting each other.


Best Friends Forever

We went on the General Jackson, a showboat in Nashville that provides a Country Music 101 lesson to its attendees. Before boarding, we found out that we had the wrong paper so we had to go collect the right tickets and jump back in line. Someone at the front of the line called over to us and invited us to jump in front of him and his family, rather than going all the way to the back. And thus was the beginning of the best vacation friendship in the history of family vacations. The Pumpas charmed the whole boat when the MC talked to them about Crocodile Dundee and their trip. We were lucky enough to meet up with them again on the top deck and share our first Blue Moons.

Dad & Brian

Brian & Jennifer

The Pumpa family was taking a month and a half off from their lives in Adelaide, Australia to travel across the United States. Brian and his wife, Jennifer, were traveling with their son, Travis and their trip included a wedding in Disney World and quick stays to NYC, Las Vegas, San Diego, Nashville and everywhere in between.

Our personal adventure with the Pumpas included some boot scootin in Honky Tonks, dinner in a blues club and a trailer park themed bar, buying cowboy boots and meeting lots of new people. We typically let the Pumpas charm the Nashville natives with their accents as we swapped stories about the different sites we had seen.

Boot Scootin

Boot Scootin

Two nights ago, Brian called us to let us know the family was headed back to Australia and to remind us that we had promised to go down under to visit the Pumpas. Even though he told us stories about 8 foot long snakes, Australia is definitely on our bucket list! It’s not every day that you make new friends when you’re on vacation so it was great to meet up with them again and again. I hope the next time you go on vacation, you can be just as lucky!


The whole gang

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