I’ll Have a Side of Skimm

Written by Jacqueline Newell

Back in March, I had a job interview with a Washington, D.C. recruiter and I was asked to talk about one current event for 2-3 minutes.  I instantly started to panic because, after spending a year in what we call the “Violet Bubble,” completely engrossed in sorority life, I realized that there was something glaringly large missing from my life – a knowledge of current events. With a degree in international studies and a senior seminar paper about political science, this one stressed me out. My days consisted of running, meetings with collegians, eating, paperwork, and attempting to power nap. I managed to catch a break during the interview because the Crimean annexation vote was taking place that day and I had been watching a broadcast about it that morning. I knew that I had gotten lucky that time but next time might not be that easy. Enter my solution – theSkimm.



TheSkimm founders, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, are many things. They’re stylish, they’re smart and, above all, they present world news in a way that suits women today – short enough to get the basic information out there but long enough to last through your morning commute. That’s not to say that theSkimm isn’t for men but, more often that not, the language that the authors use is not typical of the male gender. Weisberg and Zakin once worked at NBC News before they came together over white wine and a shared idea to create theSkimm, a daily news source for millennials. Now I know that “millennials” is a buzz word and plenty of people will unsuccessfully try to tell you how to communicate with them/us (trust me, I’ve sat through some and they’re brutal) but, these women get it. They know their readers are short on time but want to facts here and now.

"Repeat After Me" from the May 12th newsletter

“Repeat After Me” from the May 12th newsletter

As a result of this “need it now” lifestyle, theSkimm suits young readers perfectly. It is even set up in a way that allows readers to apply it to their own daily conversations. For example, the e-mail newsletter begins with a quote about a recent event, followed by international news titled “Things that…” that is broken down into three sections [1. The Story, 2. Explain, 3. theSkimm], and lastly, “Repeat after me,” a section about pop culture and, typically, relates to news in the US.

TheSkimm’s motto is “we read, you Skimm.” These women are doing all of the heavy lifting so that the rest of us can contribute to conversation during our morning runs, our trips to the coffee shop, or while whispering between cubicles. We are all aware that we have as many hours in a day as Beyonce but it is what we do with them that matter. So, with that said, why not take an extra 5 minutes to get the skinny on world news with theSkimm? You can sign up for the daily (5 times a week) newsletter here. And, if you get a chance, check out their blog. The founders provide lessons learned through their startup and entrepreneurial skills accompany each blog.

 Become a Skimm’r today!


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