Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Written by Jacqueline Newell

For the past year, I have been traveling for Sigma Kappa Sorority as a leadership consultant. My life has been a a combination of puddle jumper planes, repacking my suitcase and non-stop sorority education. Occasionally, a few weeks would go by and I would realize that I hadn’t talked to anyone in my family. Every time I would call my mom, she would ask me “where in the world are you, Carmen?”

As much as I would love to be an international spy with fabulous hair and a signature trench coat, my life has been a little less dangerous. Now that I have been home for two weeks, I have had time to try and figure out how to explain my job to those who do not work in the fraternity/sorority world or in higher education. I haven’t quite nailed down my elevator speech or how to summarize the past year but I’ll figure it out eventually.

Day one would always consist of traveling to a chapter – long hours waiting in airport terminals, naps on planes, and awkward first conversations with strangers picking me up at the airport. Days two, three and four were always preoccupied with meetings between myself and university administrators, national volunteers, chapter officers, and the occasional freshman who would nervously laugh through our whole meeting because she was afraid of me. Day five was always similar to day one, wrap up my business with one chapter and commute to another.

This year I have been able to visit the following states: Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado & North Carolina. Although I did not become an international spy this year, nor am I a criminal mastermind, it is probably for the best. Especially because Bowling Green Kentucky’s neighborhood watch signs look like they are opposing Carmen and that is a place I visited every month.



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