How do you “Fangirl”?

Written by Jacqueline Newell

Fangirl (noun): 1. a ‘rabid breed of human female’ who is obsessed with a person or thing.  2. a female who has ‘overstepped the line between healthy fandom’ and obsession. [Urban Dictionary]

The idea of a fangirl is often applied to the idea of a woman meeting a celebrity and then proceeding to have an extreme freak out. For example, if I were ever to be within 100 feet of Beyonce, the likelihood of me fainting is incredibly high but only after going red in the face and discussing every possible way I could meet her. This same reaction would occur if Milan Lucic were to walk past me on the street.

This NHL playoff season, both male and female fans continue to show their inner fangirl as they root for their favorite team and express themselves through painted faces [and bodies], clever t-shirts and some homemade posters.

The Geico commercial above demonstrates my style of fandom – the competitive fangirl. All treadmill users know that, yes, when you run next to me, we are racing. It doesn’t matter what your speed is, there is a finish line in sight and I plan to beat you to it. The women are fans of two timeless rivals and as much as I hate that the Bruins fan falls first [why do I actually care? Because it’s the Cup], justice is had! So, with that in mind, I challenge any Flyers fan to a walk-off [hopefully Zoolander style] on the treadmill.

Happy playoff season! Because it’s the Cup.

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