Mines, Minds and Mimes

Written by Jacqueline Newell

Earlier this semester, I got to go out to Colorado and, unlike last semester, I actually got to leave the airport to explore. After spending the weekend in Denver, as you may remember from two of my earlier blog posts [Days Inn Denver and Springing for Colorado], I went to visit the incredibly intelligent women of Zeta Pi at the Colorado School of Mines.

I met the Yeti a Nepalese restaurant

I met the Yeti a Nepalese restaurant

I've got the Golden Ticket!

I’ve got the Golden Ticket!

Now, when I first met one of our consultants, a graduate of Mines, I had to ask her several times to repeat where she went to school because I didn’t quite understand. Was it mines like where the seven dwarves spend their days finding diamonds? Or was it minds, as in everyone who is there is exceptionally smart? Or, most importantly, was a school of mimes where everyone dressed in black and white stripes and berets and communicated through actions?

Truly, I wish that the answer was a combination of three – women who spent their days mining for diamonds but only by using their minds and who communicate about being stuck in a box, or in this case, a mine. In reality, the women are both incredibly smart [minds] and diverse engineers [mines]. At end of year wrap up, I cracked myself up by asking our consultant from this chapter the following question: “Now, how are you a major if you’re all miners?” Buh-dum-cheeeeee!

I found Taryn!

I found Taryn!



While staying in Golden, the small town nestles in the Rockies where the school is located, I had my first experience with Nepalese food [it’s pretty similar to Indian food, which I LOVE] and I got to experience the Coors Factory/Brewery. Do you know how hard it is to be gluten-free and take a brewing tour? On top of that, I was with collegians so it was free samples galore and none for me!

It really is no surprise that these women have struck gold within Zeta Pi but it’s only fitting for the residents of Golden.

My mining friend!

My mining friend!

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