Bracketology: an Art & a Science

My Bracket

Written by Jacqueline Newell

On March 20th, I was dealt a dilemma that I had never encountered before –  with 20 minutes before a phone call with a potential employer and 20 minutes left before the NCAA brackets on Yahoo! closed, which was a priority: making my first ever bracket or prepping for the phone call?

The answer, my friends, is both. This year I participated in a bracket with 36 other consultants from different fraternities and sororities who are also traveling across the country. My pool consists of avid SEC fans, former D3 students, masters of puns, and then there is me. Having never made a bracket before, and actually having no interest in basketball, this experience was a first for me. I grew up on skates and looking forward to the NCAA playoffs in New England.

I made my bracket based off of chapters that I visited and schools that my friends attended. I was visiting the Alpha Mu chapter at the University of Michigan when I was creating my bracket so, following my theory, I had U of M going all the way to the end. I had Florida going to the end, out of respect for the Gators, the very first chapter I ever visited as a leadership consultant. I had Louisville scheduled to face off with Michigan for a spot in the final four. I had U Conn going to the final four, mostly because my best friend went there.

When selecting the final score, you can see my nativity towards this sport with my astronomical score predictions.

While watching Kentucky vs. U Conn, I was surrounded by UK fans while visiting Western Kentucky University. Through the jumping, leaping and flailing done by U Conn, the Huskies triumphed. And, not to to toot my own horn or anything, but I made a game day prediction that the end score would be 52-60, not too shabby for a basketball newbie!

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