Jack – Kwah – Lynn

Written by Jacqueline Newell

During Sigma Kappa leadership consultant training last summer, I had my first quarter life crisis – what is my name?

Since I graduated in May 2013, I have used the last year as a trial period to figure out how I want to introduce myself – am I Jackie or Jacqueline? I had been introducing myself as Jackie for 22 years but, that is probably a result of not learning how to spell Jacqueline until about 2nd grade.  I contacted my supervisor at Sigma Kappa back in May to let her know I was looking to try something new and wanted to be introduced as Jacqueline. And thus, I was introduced to the Sigma Kappa and collegiate services world as Jacqueline.

This new transition presented one more, and even more pressing, issue – how do you even pronounce Jacqueline? My mother calls me Jacqueline [pronounced Jack-Kwah-Lynn] and my father also calls me Jacqueline [except it is pronounced Jack-Kwah-Leen]. When I told my roommates during training this, they asked me, well, which is it? Thus began my quarter life crisis.

While traveling I have introduced myself as Jacqueline [pronounced my mother’s way] and yet not a single person can seem to say it correctly.  Let’s say it all together now, JACK-KWAH-LYNN. Somehow most people cut out a syllable and just call me Jack-Lynn, somehow forgetting that there is, in fact, a Q in my name. Some chapters took to calling me Jackie, even when I never introduced myself that way.

As the year is coming to a close, this whole Jacqueline business is more trouble than it is worth. So may this be an announcement to the world – the Jack Attack is back. Life is way less complicated without the Q.

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