The College Woman’s Ode to Han Solo

Written by Jacqueline Newell

Before I jump into this, if you do not know who Han Solo is, pump the breaks and go educate yourself with Episodes 4-6.

Han Solo, thanks Google Images

Han Solo, compliments of Google Images

If you are a college student or a fanatic of fall fashion (that somehow has transcended through spring), you may have noticed the recent shift in women’s wear to that of the Star Wars playboy, Han Solo. Solo’s straight legged pants, meant for flexibility while running away from Storm Troopers and comfort while piloting the Millennium Falcon and navigating light speed, have become a staple in the closets of many. College women have adopted the straight look and upped the stakes with their secret weapon: skinny jeans. Or, even better, skin tight leggings. Now, admittedly, I have worn my fair share of leggings but it’s mostly because they are the lazy woman’s version of pants. And it’s awesome.

Tailgate Solo

Tailgate Solo(s)

Women have again made modern improvements to Solo’s outfit by including a variety of colors and styles of vests to the outfit. While often wearing “spirit jerseys,” over sized long sleeve t-shirts that have school names on the back, paired with their vests, college women are equipped for the next droid invasion, also known as preview days for high school students.

Monogrammed Solo

Monogrammed Solo

Often times when I visit a university, I actually have no idea what any of the students are saying; they might as well be a population of Yodas. But, there is one language I am fluent in – monograms. I doubt Han Solo ever had his name embroidered on his vest but, armed with their cell phones and Vera Bradley wristlets, college women are able to identify each other with colorful and swirly designs on their chests.

Pinterest Solo

Pinterest Solo

Now, whether you’re saving a princess or just being one, boots are in and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon (and why would they? We love them!). Once used to help the outlaw out run Jabba the Hut’s mercenaries, boots are a tailgate must have and a favorite for 3 of the 4 seasons. From Target to Tory Burch, women love boots in every shade of brown: camel, brown, tan, beige, light brown. Gotta catch ’em all.

What Star Wars favorite will we be emulating next? I personally hope the Leia buns make a come back but I may be the only one who hopes for that.

P.S. Kudos to you if you didn’t have to look up a single reference in this blog post.


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