Rapid Fire 20 Questions

Written by Jacqueline Newell

When I arrive at a new chapter, it is my job to ask lots of questions of them in order to see how I can best support and help them. But, often times, they beat me to the punch and have lots of questions for me.

Below is a small sampling of the questions that I receive almost daily.

Q #1: Where are you from? A: Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Q #2: Where did you go to school? A: It’s called Susuqehanna (pronounced SUS- KWAH-HANNAH) University and it is in Pennsylvania.

Q #3: When did you graduate? A: I just graduated in May of 2013.

Q #4: So, did they have a Sigma Kappa there? A: Yes…

Q #5: What kind of music do you like? A: As long as we don’t listen to a musical’s soundtrack all the way through, I am happy with whatever you want to listen to.

Q #6: Why did you want to become a leadership consultant? A: That is a great question and one that I actually do not have just one answer for.

Q #7: What’s your favorite place you’ve been/where have you been so far/do you have a specific region that you travel? A: I have loved getting to see the whole country. I have really enjoyed different campuses and different cities but I do not have any one in particular. No, I do not travel in a specific region, I have been all over. From Texas to Pennsylvania to Michigan to Colorado and a lot of places in between.

Q #8: What positions did you hold? A: I was webmaster, sisterhood chairman, vice president of philanthropic service and a recruitment counselor.

Q #9: What do you want to do after being a LC? A: Isn’t that the question of the hour? I’m still trying to figure that out!

Q #10: Do you have a boyfriend? A: Ha…

Q #11: What do you want for lunch? A: Anything but Panera! Take me somewhere local!

Q #12: Do you have any siblings? A: Yup! I have three incredible older siblings and I’m going to tell you all about them.

Q #13: Are you and your little still close? A: Yeah! Bradleigh and I send SnapChats on the regular.

Q #14: So, where is your home base? A: I don’t have one, I live out of my suitcase for months at a time.

Q #15: Do you ever get home sick? A: Yes and no. Luckily, going to college 9 hours away from home prepared me for being away from home for long periods of time.

Q #16: Why do you have two cell phones? A: Well, one is mine and one is my top secret espionage device provided to me by Sigma Kappa. And no, I do not get them confused.

Q #17: Do you like traveling? A: Absolutely! It can get exhausting if you let it but it is a blast!

Q #18: How old are you? A: Forever young

Q #19: Have you been to headquarters? A: Yup! That is where we had training.

Q #20: When do you get to go home? A: TOMORROW!

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