Women Owned the Olympics

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Jacqueline Newell Jacqueline Newell

As you may remember from a previous blog post, the Olympic Games take up about 40% of my daily thoughts. The other 60% is made up of whether or not I should mail clothes home, upcoming travel plans, officer meetings and how to avoid hills on my run.

If you’ve been watching the 2014 Sochi Olympics, you would know that women have been crushing records and overall making Sochi their sporting playground. Although they lost 2-1 to Russia, the Japanese women’s ice hockey team broke a 16 year long goalless spell.  The USA women’s ice hockey team made history by winning 9-0 versus Switzerland. The referee and linesmen for the game were also all women. [Update: Shout out to Julie Chu, ice hockey, for being elected flag bearer for Team USA in the closing ceremonies!]

Erin Hamlin won a bronze medal in the women’s luge singles and…

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