Southern Valentine

My favorite Valentine's gift

My favorite Valentine’s gift

Written by Jacqueline Newell

This year I spent Valentine’s Day at the University of Louisville and what could have turned into the loneliest Valentine’s Day ever, became the best one I have ever had. I spent the morning having officer meetings and writing this blog post while answering the door for many flower and gift deliveries. Different fraternities brought gifts to the house and I graciously accepted them all.

Comfy Cow

Comfy Cow

The women took me out for ice cream at a parlor called the Comfy Cow with several women. They had amazing flavors that ranged from your basic chocolate and vanilla, to pretzel logic, Erica’s PB & J, and Bourbon Ball. They were so good, I wanted to sample them all! Check out the cool lamp that they had hanging by the front window.

ZTA consultant

ZTA consultant

The house started to empty around 5pm as women went to celebrate both Valentine’s Day and Singles Awareness Day. I met up with Nicole, a leadership development consultant for Zeta Tau Alpha, and we went to dinner at Senor Iguanas. As it began to snow, Nicole and I drove to St. Matthew to go check out some of the places where Louisville locals go.

My new friend Jack!

My new friend Jack!

We met up with a couple of other consultants and we met my soul mate, a kid named Jack who was break dancing out on the sidewalk, in the snow, but he came inside and blew my mind with some amazing magic tricks. We’re getting married in the spring. Needless to say, I found my Valentine!

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