A Week Philled with Phun

Devon and I

Devon and me

IMG_5014Written by Jacqueline Newell

My second chapter visit of the semester was another visit to UPenn. I also got to see my friends Devon,  Hannah, and Courtney and my Aunt Denise. Devon and I dined out one night and binged on Ben and Jerry’s on a night off from recruitment. I walked a half hour through 12-16 inches of snow to catch a train out of the city to go see Hannah and Courtney for some much needed R&R.

UPenn campus under a foot of snow

UPenn campus under a foot of snow

UPenn Basketball

UPenn Basketball

Mae and I attended the UPenn vs. St. Joe’s basketball game on Friday night. Unfortunately UPenn lost but I had a chance to see some of the most creative yamakas I have ever encountered. Including those with the NBA logo and the UPenn Quakers logo.

I also found these really funny pamphlets in the fraternity/sorority office. I figured I would share them with you all. I don’t know who the man in the photos is but these were pretty fantastic!

Nice facial hair

Nice facial hair

Sweet hair!

Sweet hair!


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