Campus Folk Lore

Written by Jacqueline Newell

Creeks. Voices. Sightings. Whether it is “the little girl,” “the old man” or creatures in the night, almost every campus has some sort of ghost story to go along with their buildings on campus.

While at Western Kentucky University, we could hear a man’s voice throughout our chapter meeting but it appeared we were alone in the building. Empty basement rooms, locked doors and a lap around the building showed us that the only lights on were in our room. I had heard that this particular building, an odd log cabin in the middle of campus, had a secret library hidden somewhere but I chalked that up to campus lore and tried my best not to be creeped out. But, after 2 hours of hearing a man’s voice, boy were we in for a surprise when an advisor decided to continue banging on a door and a man actually opened it. Turns out there is a man who lives in the attic of said log cabin – who knew? By the sound of our collective screams, I’d say none of us.

Whenever I travel to a new chapter, one of the first things sister try to tell me is that their house is haunted and that is right where I stop them. I have a guilty pleasure for ghost stories but the last thing I want to know is that my temporary bedroom is haunted. But, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I end up getting the full story.

Gamma Omega’s previous house director said that the man who built the 100-year-old home woke her up and led her into the entry hall to show her the front door was unlocked.

Theta Upsilon told me that the president’s room is haunted by a woman in red.

Epsilon Zeta is convinced that there is a little girl who is upset that she isn’t on a composite.

Epsilon Delta has heard some odd noises coming from the attic from time to time.

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