Give it 100

Written by Jacqueline Newell

Change is slow. Practice makes perfect. How many times have we heard sayings such as these and yet we still hope to be experts the first time we try something new? The answer is probably more times than we would like to admit.

While I was watching Queen Latifah’s new talk show this morning, I was introduced to Karen X. Cheng. Cheng has become an internet sensation as a result of her YouTube video, “Girl Learns to Dance in a Year (Time Lapse).” Cheng decided that she wanted to become a better dancer within one year and, rather than just posting her success at the end of 365 days, she also includes snip-its from days 4, 30 and 84.

In response to her overwhelming success, Cheng has co-founded a website called is an incredible website that allows anyone who is interested to participate in their own personal challenge. Challenges range from a personal trainer learning to do a handstand to a toddler learning to walk to a man learning American sign language and everything in between. Each day, participants are encouraged to post a video of themselves practicing. The website even suggests posting a video of your less than stellar attempts so that others can relate to your efforts.

I signed up for this website about a month ago and, unfortunately, I have been struggling to track my progress towards running a half marathon but as a 2014 goal, I am tracking some of my fun LC experiences! Practice does make us better and sometimes we just need to know someone else is struggling as much as we are.

This could be a great tool for New Year resolutions!

Best of Luck,


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