Founders’ Day

Bat's Stadium

Bat’s Stadium

Grace and me

Grace and me

Written by Jacqueline Newell

In my experience, I had never experienced a full blown Founders’ Day celebration until this year. I attended the University of Louisville chapter, Alpha Theta, event in downtown Louisville. Several hundred women filled the Hall of Fame in the Bat’s baseball stadium on Sunday, November 9th. Five chapters (Alpha Chi, Alpha Theta, Epsilon Zeta, Zeta Alpha and Gamma Pi) from Kentucky and Indiana came together with their advisors and alumnae to celebrate our five founders and the amazing organization that they started at Colby College in 1874.



All of the alumnae

All of the alumnae

I was seated at a table with many advisors to the Alpha Theta (U of L) chapter. It was so great to hear about their experiences as collegians and as advisors and it also gave me a front row seat to the day’s key note speaker. Laura Owsley, a former national president of Sigma Kappa and an alumna of the Alpha Chi chapter, was the key note speaker this weekend. LO’s speech reminded everyone present of the passion our founders’ carried for Sigma Kappa and, what resonated with me the most, that is Sigma Kappa is limitless.

Alpha Theta's president and advisor

Alpha Theta’s president and advisor

Jill, EZ's CPO

Jill, EZ’s CPO

I left Founders’ Day with a renewed optimism about my organization and a new Sigma Kappa shirt! The women organized a t-shirt swap so anyone who brought a shirt could exchange it with someone else and get their contact information. I’m not going to lie but my racer back tank top was a highly coveted trade item (thanks Delta Delta at Central Michigan University!).

There really is nothing like being in a dance circle with a former national president – what a day!

LO breaking it down

LO breaking it down

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