Tour de Mitten: Part One

IMG_0528IMG_4053Written by Jacqueline Newell

October 25th marked the first day of my tour of three different Michigan schools, I’ve titled this tour of Michigan the “Tour de Mitten.” My first stop was in Ypsilanti, seeing Eastern Michigan University. Upon my arrival, I was greeted with a welcome basket and more snacks that you could imagine! I had the opportunity to watch the new members find their bigs through a puzzle matching activity, too. The chapter’s house is like a doll house – it is so cool!


I had the opportunity to run around chilly Michigan this past week and it was a little rough. I woke up my first morning and checked out the weather, it was a solid 32 degrees. Each morning I would wait between the chilly front door and the heater that was only a few feet away. It was so confusing! It was very pretty in the town, though. I caught the peak of foliage in Michigan which was great!

IMG_4075photoDuring my stay, I was asked to play alongside the women in an all sorority/fraternity kickball tournament! I’m not exactly a kickball queen but it was so much fun! The women used the kickball tournament as a way to raise money for the Maine Sea Coast Mission by having a bake sale. They even had brownies in the shapes of ghosts!

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