Cross Country Running

Written by Jacqueline Newell

A few months back I read an article in SELF magazine about a woman who was trying to start walking more and, in order to help herself set goals, she made a map from her current city to one that she wanted to visit. Her plan was to “walk” to these cities.

Portland to Boston

Portland to Boston

First Goal

First Goal

After looking at my mileage from the past month, I’ve decided I am going to start a little project of my own. The first goal that I have set for myself is to run from Portland, Maine to Boston, Massachusetts. I like to think that I am running to Thanksgiving dinner because the past few years, our family has celebrated in the Boston area. (hopefully next month’s run will help me run off Thanksgiving dinner).

Because this is my first month doing this project, I chose a small goal that can be accomplished by just running about 3.5 miles every day. I’m hopeful that this new project will help me to continue running because sometimes when I get to a new school, it is almost impossible to continue my daily habits.

Cheers to three more chapter visits and 100.22 miles to go!


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