City Running: A Checking Sport


IMG_3880Written by Jacqueline Newell

Trying to run a timed 5k in the middle of Philadelphia is one of the hardest tasks I have given myself so far on the road. While trying to run through the city, I encountered more than the average obstacles. There were closed sidewalks that resulted in my running in city streets, food carts with long lines, students on their cell phones with their heads down, and cars that were trying to make left hand turns. During my first run in Philadelphia, I took a detour and visited my aunt at work. It was a nice surprise that early in the morning. She showed me around her office and accidentally introduced me as Andrea… that’s not my name. Oh well, it happens!


My other runs consisted of dodging pedestrians and practicing my agility. The easiest route that I followed was running through U Penn’s campus and ending up on Drexel’s campus by following walk signals and letting the traffic determine my route. As previously mentioned, cars turning left are a runners nightmare. It came to a point where I kept going and held up my hand to stop a car – it was like a I have a new super hero strength!

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