Kindelan Family Reunion

Sunrise over Nashville

Sunrise over Nashville

Fran and Jordan in Boston

Fran and Jordan in Boston

Written by Jacqueline Newell

The second weekend in October was one of the best weekends I could ask for. I caught a 6 am flight out of Nashville and headed up to Chicago. During my layover I had a chance to Skype Autumn, a leadership consultant based in Arizona. I haven’t seen her in months! My second flight took be to Boston. I took the Silver Line into the city and had lunch with Francesca, a member of my team, and Jordan, a 2012-2013 LC! I finally met up with my parents and my brother at Logan airport and we drove to Patriot’s Place and Gillette Stadium for dinner.

IMG_3761IMG_3768My brother and my dad spent the day at the Kindelan family golf reunion while my mom and I went and found “AutumnFest” in Woonsocket, RI. We explored the different booths, watched a bunch of kids do the “Thriller” dance, and supported the local performing arts school and their statue acts.


When we got to the family reunion for dinner, I was reintroduced to family members whose specific connection I couldn’t tell you but they’re my dad’s cousins – and they’re AWESOME! I found out that we have Kindelan family in Spain that dates back to the 1600s. Wild, right? I’m definitely going on that next family trip across the pond!


I spent Sunday with my mom! We went and saw Captain Phillips, bought new running shoes, and spent the day watching the Patriots game with grandma. Jon and Dad were at the game but I didn’t see them anywhere in the stands. We drove home after watching Brady through an amazing pass and win the game. During our drive home, the Sox came from behind and won, too. Holla for Boston sports! I got home and went to bed, just in time to get up early, back and head back on the road. I only spent 6 hours in Cape Elizabeth but that was all I needed.

Thank you for planning this reunion Mike & Judy and giving me one heck of a time while I was home!

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