Southern Shenanigans

The Hilltopper mascot!

The Hilltopper mascot!

IMG_0288Written by Jacqueline Newell

During my third visit to Western Kentucky University, I had the opportunity to see the women perform in Shenanigans, a fundraiser put on by Kappa Delta (for the last 23 years) that pairs a fraternity and a sorority together. This year’s theme was battle of the gods. Although the women didn’t place, they still looked great!



I had the chance to explore the campus more during my visit. The auditorium sits at the very top of the hill and has an amazing view of the town of Bowling Green, KY.  After watching the sky for a while, I had the chance to continue exploring campus with some of the women – including finding their Confucius exhibit!


IMG_3654During my visit to WKU, the local AT&T tower was down for about 8 hours. I have never witnessed such chaos – college kids actually had to talk to each other face-to-face. It was madness. Luckily, I have Verizon so I was not submitted to such archaic forms of communication.

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