No Good, Very Bad Day

Written by Jacqueline Newell

I would say I am a very lucky person; I’m grateful for all the positive days and the people around me. But, now and again, everyone has one day that completely stinks. I will openly admit that October 7th was one of those days. Now, normally I wouldn’t use this as a media for venting and I don’t plan to but October 7th is worth sharing.

I really had the opportunity to practice my new habit of finding the bright side in everything.

My day started off with an 8 am meeting with a collegian and a very successful meeting with the fraternity/sorority advisor after that. Following my meeting, I then had to walk 2 miles back from campus to the sorority house while wearing heels. Bright side? I hadn’t been able to run today so I think this more than made up for it.

As a result, I only had 20 minutes to pack my bags and get to the airport. Bright side? I now know I can pack in 20 minutes.

I got through security quickly in Kalamazoo and grabbed something to eat. I had only just opened my cereal when I proceeded to knock it over… and into my open suitcase. Bright side? Yeah, there isn’t one.

My flights were delayed. Bright side? I made a new friend and he had an awesome accent.

The president of the chapter I was visiting in Kentucky picked me up at the Nashville airport, like she always does. After about an hour, I was starting to wonder how much longer we had to go. Shortly after, I had the most monumental blonde moment of my life, only to have it over shadowed by the president’s even better one. I said to Grace, “wow, I didn’t know we had to pass through Alabama to get to Kentucky.” Grace responded with a look of confusion, followed by one of terror. We had driven south from Nashville for an hour and crossed the border into Alabama rather than driving north. Bright side? Grace and I became friends on a whole other level and that girl asks some real thought provoking and creative questions.

When we finally reached Western Kentucky University, I decided to go to bed early in order to wake up early to go for a run. But what did I find? I had forgotten my sneakers in Michigan. Bright side? New sneakers – holla!

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