Southern Hospitality

IMG_3459Written by Jacqueline Newell

While staying in Wichita Falls, Texas, I had the opportunity to experience some things that just do not happen in the north. For example, IMG_3496while going for a run through the neighborhoods behind the chapter president’s house, I found many signs that said “Pray for Rain” because the state is currently in a stage  4 drought. The largely religious community had these signs plastered everywhere as if were the middle of election season and lawn signs were plastered everywhere. Another ode to the south’s religious nature came outside of Gene’s burger joint. A giant banner hung outside of the building reading “Open Sunday After Church.” I found it so interesting that it needed to be publicized that they would be open on a Sunday.


IMG_3456A few more curious signs came my way during a walk around a local park. Signs included information about fines for “pecan flailers” and for people who “trashed” the pecans. I have no idea what these mean but they’re kind of awesome.


Lastly, the hospitality and compassion of the south showed itself through the woman at the hospital clinic who went around asking everyone if they would like a cup of coffee or hot tea while they waited to be seen by a doctor. What a sweetie. Lastly, at the airport, there was a gumball dispenser type machine that dispensed zip lock bags for travelers to use in case their liquids were not in one.

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