Everything’s Bigger in Texas


Written by Jacqueline Newell


Matching the artist's handprint

Matching the artist’s handprint

Although people say everything is bigger in Texas, Midwestern State University’s chapter actually only has about 60 members – about the same size as the chapter that I come from. I had so much fun during my first time in Texas and made sure to take pictures of many of the highlights on their campus. Similar to the painted lighthouses all over Maine, Wichita Falls, Texas has horses spread all around town. MSU’s mascot is the mustang and everywhere you drive you can see one!


I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the local Walk to End Alzheimer’s with the Gamma Tau chapter. The Alzheimer’s Association local chapter was able to surpass their goal before the day of the walk which was great!


IMG_3536Before going to watch the women play Chi Omega in a flag football game, I ventured around the campus with two members in order to get some last minute photos with the campus sign and the three horses that are famous on their campus. The three mustangs are symbols for wisdom, courage and strength.

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