Falling for Kentucky

IMG_0215Written by Jacqueline Newell

My second visit to Bowling Green, KY let me experience everything that isIMG_3258 wonderful about fall. The women took me to Jackson’s Orchard, a local apple and peach farm. We even got to go twice! During my first visit, I went with the Panhellenic Delegate, Emily and we had the opportunity to explore the apple orchards and wander around until we found the corn maze and the pumpkin patches.

IMG_3383My second visit to Jackson’s Orchard was a lot more interactive. I wentIMG_3357 to the orchard with a handful of women and we had the opportunity to participate in the orchard’s first Fall Weekend Festival. We took a hay ride down to the pumpkin patch and the corn maze, played in a petting zoo, rode on the cider slide, fed animals, raced rubber duckies, explored the gift shop and indulged in apple cider and fried apple pies.

I've been adopted!

I’ve been adopted!

IMG_3316I also had the opportunity to see the chapter members participate in Big/Little reveal. All of the bigs gave their littles a pair of socks and every big had a matching pair. The bigs hid behind a large sheet with only their socks showing and the littles then had to find their bigs.

The Haunted Bridge

The Haunted Bridge

During my visit I learned about some local folk lore and got to experience “the haunted IMG_3396bridge” – it was pretty high and rickety. Super spooky! We also went to an international fair that took place in the town’s center. There were booths for all different countries and different activities and crafts to buy.

IMG_3379 IMG_3342 IMG_3331 IMG_3329 IMG_3252 IMG_0216

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