Post Code Envy

Written by Jacqueline Newell

While I was roaming around neighborhoods in Bowling Green, Ohio listening to Lorde’s song “Royals,” I recently began pondering the concept of “post code envy.” The idea of post code envy insinuates that someone is envious of where others live. In each city I have visited, there are different things have peeked my interest and caused me to become more affectionate for that city. The football culture of Gainesville, the southern hospitality of Knoxville, the sunsets in Bowling Green – all of it has me curious to learn more about the cities. But, the more I think about these new locations, the more these new cities drive me to think about Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

I have found that the only real post code envy I have is that of my family back in Maine. Because this is my first year experiencing life without the security of college and my immanent return to Maine, I have regained a deep appreciation for Maine’s slogan – “the way life should be.”

IMG_20130923_124137_886I wasn’t really aware of how much I missed Maine until I went to go give blood on September 11th. While a nice man IMG_20130923_125744_004named Jeff filled in my information, he said “Cape Elizabeth, that sounds like a beautiful place.” I couldn’t have agreed more with him. It’s about to hit leaf peeper season – the time of year when tourists come to Maine, not to see beaches, but to see the leaves change colors. My dad even e-mailed me photos of large cruise ships that are currently sitting in Casco Bay/Portland Harbor right now, releasing a swarm of peepers into Portland and the surrounding area.

As a Sigma Kappa from Maine, chapter members often look at me as if I am some sort of scientific anomaly. They are often confused that, although I am from the state where our organization was founded, I didn’t go to school in Maine. I am often asked if I have been to Colby College. And I will tell you right now, I have. I have also been to Waterville many times and I can also correctly pronounce “Messalonskee River.” Sigma Kappa ties me back to Maine every single day and although I am may be suffering a bit of post code envy, I’m not ready to trade in my suitcase for a bed just yet.



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