Welcome to the Mitten

Welcome to WMU!

Welcome to WMU!

Door chants

Early morning door chants

Written by Jacqueline Newell

The last week of August was spent in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a cozy college town where the women of Sigma Kappa were prepping for their recruitment next month. Between construction and door chants, the Gamma Beta house was always full of life. Once again, the chapter shared some of the same chants as my own chapter and others that I have visited. It’s always fun to see traditions and how they adapt to different chapters!

During my stay, I stayed in the president’s room and I found something in that room that really caught my eye. One was very positive and the other… well, the other thing broke my heart. Any Bruins fan sleeping directly under

The enemy

The enemy

a Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions hat can understand the heartache I had to suffer. Ladies and gentlemen, I am no longer in friendly territory.

During my stay in Kalamazoo, I experienced the full circumference of the campus through my morning runs. As I ran through welcome

The banana car

The banana car

week activities and hoards of freshman, I gained a full knowledge of WMU’s geographic set up. I also learned that there is a giant car shaped like a banana that drives close by to campus. One morning I was running and the car drove by with a handful of kids in the car videotaping peoples’ reactions to the car – say hello you’re on candid camera! Additionally, I learned that welcome week leaders are really



encouraging because they shouted things like “you go girl!” as I ran by. Their bright orange hats popped up all over campus while college students ran around trying to finish scavenger hunts. Most of my runs were taken in the morning, giving me the opportunity to continue my mission to run with the sun.

"It's time for a new bank"

“It’s time for a new bank”

I found a box of t-shirts in the Sigma Kappa house that had been dropped off by a local bank. The front of the t-shirts said “The bank of mom & dad” and the back read “it’s time for a new bank.” The t-shirt seemed very accurate for college students but I’m not too sure who would actually wear it.

It's mail day!

It’s mail day!

The last great thing that happened while I was at Gamma Beta was MAIL DAY!! I got a few letters from other leadership consultants that came right when I needed them including a letter from my supervisor reminding me to always look on the sunny side of life and a CD of country music from Autumn. I sure do love my team!

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