Turtles, Anchors and Fish, Oh My!

Written by Jacqueline Newell

Over the last few weeks of my travels, my jewelry collection has slowly rapidly increased. I have rediscovered the joys of online shopping and taken advantage of the different cities I have been visiting. Because a lot of women along the road have been asking me where I got certain pieces, I figured I would make a blog post dedicated solely to my jewelry. This first part of the blog is dedicated to rings, bracelets, and earrings.

I recently bought this ring at Charming Charlie’s – I visited their location in Asheville, North Carolina. It has a stretchy band and well, it’s awesome. There really is no other way to describe it.

Charming Charlie's

Charming Charlie’s

I guess this is a bad one to have at the beginning of my blog because I actually have no idea where it came from. Erica, an advisor from Epsilon Zeta, gave it to me. That being said, Erica and her husband own a few locations of Plato’s Closet around Nashville, Tennessee. You should go and check it out!



I had seen bracelets similar to this before but I had yet to find the perfect one (my friend Kristin has a giraffe bangle). While in Target in Asheville, NC I found this awesome fish bangle!



I ordered this Bella Ryann bangle off of Amazon a few weeks ago and I love it! I usually don’t wear silver but I love the lighthouse charm because it reminds me of Cape Elizabeth, Maine.



This Kona bracelet is another one that reminds me of being home with the nautical compass charm. I really like the compass charm with all of the traveling that I have been and will be doing this year! I bought this bangle off of Amazon.



After seeing many of these over the past few months, I caved in and bought an Alex and Ani Sigma Kappa bangle.

Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani

Unfortunately, the top anchor on this bangle already broke off but that doesn’t mean I love it any less. I bought this at Charmed, a small jewelry store in Asheville, NC.



I bought these back in May for graduation. I got them at Dwellings, a boutique in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. There are six stacked, stretchy bracelets.



I bought this bangle watch at Kohl’s over the summer. I haven’t worn it many times but I try to find opportunities to sport it as often as possible.



I bought these chevron stackable rings from Collide Boutique. I originally bought these thinking that they were bracelets but when the package arrived – surprise!

Collide Boutique

Collide Boutique

The last item is my newest and hopefully one I will have for a long time. This pearl bracelet with a Sigma Kappa charm arrived in my weekly mail package.

Sigma Kappa

Sigma Kappa


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