Sweet Home Sigma Kappa: Kentucky Edition

Written by Jacqueline Newell

I drove from Knoxville, TN to Bowling Green, KY on August 14th – that feels like so long ago! I had my first experience with different time zones that day – I should probably invest in learning where those lines are.

Crossing time zones in Tennessee.

Crossing time zones in Tennessee

My first full day in Kentucky I watched the women of the Epsilon Zeta chapter practice their recruitment conversations and chants. It was pretty interesting to hear a chapter say the same chants/songs that my chapter uses but hearing them say it completely differently!

The women of Epsilon Zeta practicing their door chants

The women of Epsilon Zeta practicing their door chants

Now, my trip to Kentucky was one of the longer trips that I will have this semester and, as a result, not all of the happenings can fit into one blog post. Many things happened, some good, some… not so great. One of the not so normal encounters I had during my time with Epsilon Zeta was that I got to witness the breaking of the plumbing. As a result, I took up refuge at a Holiday Inn about 10 minutes away from the sorority house. Due to my daily commute, I now know Bowing Green, KY pretty well which will definitely come in handy when I go back. Someone else who now knows Bowling Green even better is my supervisor, Elizabeth! She stopped by to say hello!

Best supervisor ever!

Best supervisor ever!

I watched as the women had big/little reveal one morning. I had never seen a reveal like this one but it was so cute!

Step one of the reveal

Step one of the reveal

I helped with a lot of behind the scenes work my first few days at the chapter including ordering balloons, buying cough drops and mints, and running errands with the Vice President of Membership’s assistant. On my second full day at the chapter, one of the members told me that she’s really happy that I am normal – HA!

100 balloon later...

100 balloon later…

The last thing I got to experience that threw me off was seeing a woman wearing a camouflage hat… with her monogram on it.

Southern monograms

Southern monograms

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