Knoxville: On Foot and on a Plate

Written by Jacqueline Newell

UT construction signs.

UT construction signs.

Two of my favorite ways to explore a city are while I am wearing my running shows and when I’m hungry. While I was in Knoxville, I ran to the main center of campus. While I was running that first day, I encountered a lot of construction which led me on a wild path across campus. I found myself wandering through an international studies center, a few religious buildings and, after navigating through a business building, I found the math and science center. (Shout out to my mom the math teacher!)

UT Math and Science center.

UT Math and Science center.

I found myself outside of the football stadium while mid-run; I also found myself staring up at one of the steepest hills on campus. Unfortunately, the stadium was locked so I decided to take on that big hill and I was able to get this great picture from the top of the hill.

UT Stadium.

UT Stadium.

This sign that I found while running around the agricultural campus describes how I feel after most runs (especially the ones in Tennessee’s humidity!) – Note: Avoid body contact.


I had the opportunity to sample a lot of food while I was in Knoxville including one of the best breakfast dishes I have had in a long time. I went to a little place called Tupelo Honey Cafe with a member and had oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit and a biscuit with blueberry jam. I love breakfast!


Tupelo Honey Cafe

I went to dinner with Jordan at the Mellow Mushroom, a local pizza place that is decorated with Alice in Wonderland style decorations and seven foot tall mushrooms. I got a house calzone with spinach, tomatoes and cheese – it was great! I also had my first experience with grits while I was with Nicole! They weren’t quite what I was expecting but I didn’t hate it!

House Calzone.

Mellow Mushroom

Another place we stopped was Jason’s Deli. Apparently it is pretty common in the south but I had never been there. I got an Alaskan salmon sandwich with strawberries on the side. The deli also had a free froyo machine and cones – it was awesome!

Alaskan salmon sandwich.

Jason’s Deli


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